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EFAKO international is a trading company, established in the Netherlands, specialized in Raw Materials. We comply with the highest quality standards and our focus is from Europe to all over the world. As we consider the most demanded products in our targeted markets, we focused on the following products :

Main Activities

“EFAKO is your trusted supplier in the international market”

  • Food retail products - We offer our customers a wide range of retail products from excellent dairy powders under the names of EFAKO brands and food ingredients such as Milk Powder, Cheese, Butter, Sugar, Sunflower oil, Corn oil, Rice, Wheat flour, Bread yeast, Tomato paste, Dray egg products, Cocoa products and Coconut products .
  • Production sector - We offer the food production sector with a high quality, multiple prices levels, and various sources with a global reputation for food ingredients, food chemical addi-tives and Chemical raw material to meet the different needs of manufacturers .
  • Food ingredients - EFAKO International brings food ingredients from all over the world where we adopt high standards in the selection of our products which are characterized by high-quality nutritional characteristics .
  • Best sources  - We adopt a systematic and permanent approach to the search for sources of global repute to our customers from raw material producers .

Our Values

EFAKO International appreciates the long-term relationship with its customers where we depend on reliability, mutual benefit and respect firmly established for this relationship. We Have partnerships with many producers around the world .

We always aim to achieve the highest customer satisfaction by providing a wide range of products with high-quality standards and competitive prices, and by adopting the best international standards in the industrial sectors, in terms of health, safety and modern manufacturing technology.


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