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EFAKO Services

EFAKO International supplies your orders of dairy products and raw materials for the food and chemical industries permanently and at the best prices and from the best reliable sources around the world .
Our services reaches the five continents, especially Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East and Asia .


 What EFAKO Offers

We offer our clients the best materials at the best prices and from the best sources , our services include the following main sections :

Conditions :
The MPC-Conditions are a unique set of general trading conditions for the international trade in dairy products.
The Conditions are established by Gemzu, the Dutch Dairy Trade Association (The Hague, the Netherlands).
The MPC-conditions set general trade rules especially for milk powders but also for other dairy products.
The Conditions are divided into three parts:
- MPC-Conditions applicable within the European Union
- MPC-Conditions applicable outside the European Union
- MPC-Arbitration regulations
Arbitration is a form of extrajudicial dispute resolution that can be used to achieve quick and high-quality results in dispute cases, due to expert arbitrators and modern arbitration rules.
The MPC-Conditions are available in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish and can be ordered by e-mail: or downloaded from this site:
Information Required :
Your Company information
Company name
- Full Address
- Phone number
- Official email of your company
- Contact person” official email”
- An overview of the company’s activities
Product / Type
- Right name of products
- Type of product
- The correct specifications for each product
Size / Packaging
- Size 400g, 900g, 1800g, 2500g 25kg
- Sachets/Pouches – Tins
- Quantity in MT (Metric Tons) 20ft, 40ft
- Container Dispatch Periods (e.g. container each: week/weeks/month.. or all orders at once)
Note: The minimum demand for milk powder for industrial production from EFAKO Dairies is 200 metric tons and from EFAKO partner brands in Europe and Asia are 15 metric tons.
The loading period is displayed in the quotation in the Delivery section.
Please provide us with information if you have a specific date for delivery. Where your order affects the start-up time of production, logistics planning and prices will be offered.
Sales implementing :
Step A:
Quotation / Purchase Order
1. Received the quotation
2. Approved the offer
3. You can send the purchase order to us immediately, including the export documents you need at the shipping destination
4. Type of products
5. Size and quantities.
Step B:
Sales Contract / Proforma Invoice
1. We have received your purchase order
2. A signed and stamped proforma invoice is sent to you as soon as possible.
3. You should sign and stamp the proforma invoice and send it back to us on the same day.
Step C:
Payment :
1. Payment is made from bank to bank.
2. All of our information is on the initial invoice.
Step D:
Production and Logistics
1. After payment has been accepted.
2. Production planning starts according to product specification and language requirements.
3. The shipping period varies depending on the port of loading and destination.
4. We offer you the best services and solutions.
Customs’ Documents:
Our well-trained Customer Service team has a lot of experience in preparing the documents you need to clear the dairy products we ship to you.
The basic set of documents we send for clearance is:
1. Commercial Invoice
2. Bill of Lading
3. Packing List
4. Certificate of Origin
5. Health Certificate
But the list of documents needed for clearance differs from destination to destination.
It is important to have a clear picture of the import requirements in the country of destination before the order process starts.
Sometimes difficulties in the clearance process arise unexpectedly. Then we will do all within our power to assist you to overcome your problems.
Intercoms :
- A port of destination
- Terms
- We can provide you all with the details for Intercoms with the quotation.

In EFAKO international we appreciate a long-term relationship with our customers, which is based on several factors: performance, reliability, friendship, mutual benefit, and we do firmly respect this established relationship.
We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs, and our commercial team does its utmost to fulfil these requirements.

To achieve the highest customer satisfaction by providing a wide range of products with high-quality standards and competitive prices, and by adopting the best international standards in the food sector and raw materials , in terms of health, safety and modern manufacturing technology .


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