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EFAKO Regions

EFAKO activity reaches all over the 5 continents

EFAKO Markets

Since EFAKO was established, we have built up a solid network of long-term partners with whom we do business on a daily basis: food ingredients and food chemical additives export, as well as importers all over the world.

In a fluctuating food ingredients and raw materials market, EFAKO international is a solid partner that could be relied on. We are happy to share our extensive knowledge with our customers and to provide them with the professional advice whenever they need it.
We also enjoy considerable stability in performance and implementation of commitments, which enables us to offer each customer the right balanced agreements for every order that meets their expectations.

In EFAKO international we appreciate a long-term relationship with our customers, which is based on several factors: performance, reliability, friendship, mutual benefit, and we do firmly respect this established relationship.
We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs, and our commercial team does its utmost to fulfil these requirements.

To achieve the highest customer satisfaction by providing a wide range of products with high-quality standards and competitive prices, and by adopting the best international standards in the food sector and raw materials , in terms of health, safety and modern manufacturing technology .


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The Netherlands


Phone : +31853015540